Day 4 – June 6, 2012

12 Jun

We rode a bus for two hours to Mt. Fuji!  Today is very rainy and cold, so we couldn’t see any of the mountain or view because of the fog.  I was a bit bummed because we didn’t see any of the mountain and we only had 30 minutes when we stopped, but I did make some great purchases!!!  After, we drove back down Mt. Fuji and headed towards the Wasabi Farm about two hours away.  We had lunch there and then later explored the farm and took pictures of the beautiful scenery.  When we were finished at the Wasabi Farm, we drove for another two hours and arrived at Matsumoto Castle.  The castle was absolutely gorgeous!!!  We climbed to the top of Matsumoto – 6 flights of stairs to get to the very top!  Once we finished, we got on the bus for another two and a half hour bus ride and finally arrived at the hotel – Midori no Mura.  Our rooms had six people and the floors were all bamboo mats.  We set up our “mattress pads” on the floor – like a slumber party!  We gathered in a cafeteria-like place to eat dinner with everyone.  We then went into the karaoke room to listen to a lecture on how to use the spring bath and put on kimonos properly.  We karaoked a bit, then headed to the baths to take our first bath in the spring.  We were nervous a bit, but overall it was an amazing experience and I am so glad I did it!  It was very relaxing!


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