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19 More Days!!!

14 May

In only 19 more days I will be on an airplane and headed to Tokyo, Japan!!  Can you all believe it?!  I am extremely excited!  I cannot believe I was given this opportunity to go and celebrate Technos Week – this is most definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity!

However, first things first, I want to give a HUGE “Thank You” to certain people who have helped me get to where I am with this opportunity, as well as the individuals who have helped with this whole process.  First of all, Dr. Quisenberry – YOU have made a difference in many students’ lives, but more importantly for me.  You nominated me for this opportunity and without you, I would not have had the chance to even get to go to Japan.  Dr. Michelle Magnussen – Thank you for always being here for me from the VERY beginning of this all.  You have always answered ALL of my questions, just as Dr. Janet Wicker has.  Dr. Janet Wicker – Thank you for always being so prompt in answering all of my questions to the best ability that you can!! You have done your absolute finest job in preparing me for this adventure!  Miss Patti Daniels – You are positively, without a doubt, a wonder-woman!  You have been the right hand man and supporter throughout all of this from the beginning, so “THANK YOU!”  Most importantly, I want to thank the Technos Committee and Dr. James Dennis, for participating in Technos International Week, as well as giving me and the other faculty and students who are going with me, Dr. David Ottinger, Megan Inboden, Jennifer Melusky, and Kayla Morelan, this once in a lifetime opportunity!!

Now, onto a more thrilling concept – PACKING!!! I need all the help that I can get, so does anyone have any helpful packing/travel hints?  A checklist to make sure I am packing all I will need?!

Cannot wait to see Japan and their culture!! 🙂

– Brianne Funk